Berlin Bear 16 SDS061.jpg

Banana Paul

`Banana Paul` was a larger than life comic bear from Berlin.

The symbol for Berlin is a bear.

Made for C & H Film

Otto-Suhr-Alle 59, 1000 Berlin 10

Berlin Bear - motorbike 1 web .jpg

This bear was not so stupid - not many bears can ride a motorbike.

Berlin Bear 2 SDS002.jpg

A clay head is made, larger than life size,to portray the large size and comic appeal of the finished character.

Berlin Bear 3 SDS003.jpg

A plaster cast is taken from the clay head with a split line down the middle.

Berlin Bear 4 SDS005.jpg

Two halves of the plaster mould are temporarily joined together to laminate the glass fibre head.

Berlin Bear 1 SDS006.jpg

A thin skin of Shellac or latex will seal the plaster mould surface.

Berlin Bear 6 SDS007.jpg

Polyester resin and glass fibres are used to laminate the skull of the bear`s head.

Berlin Bear 8 SDS060.jpg

Glassfibre head made from the plaster mould.

The articulating jaw and roving eyes were radio controlled and even tear`s were all realistic facilities of the bear.

Berlin Bear 12 SDS058.jpg

Various types of fur skins were used to simulate a real bear. ie: fine otter fur was used for the face.

Berlin Bear 9 SDS056.jpg
Berlin Bear 12 SDS068.jpg

A polystyrene sculpt was used to symulate the over size of ` Banana Paul`

Berlin Bear team 1 .jpg

It was pretty hot in the bear suit.

Berlin Bear - invoice. web jpg

German zoll stamp

Invoice to C & H Film and custom clearance through to Berlin, before the wall came down.


The crew in the bear`s den.

Andrew (yellow strides) and Bernadette ( green boiler suit ) were soon to make their GmbH company in Berlin.

Berlin-Bear--very-bored.  jpg

`Otto` was the man in the bear

Dress rehearsals took forever…

Does Otto looked bored….