Product ranges

[ original ]

The Original range consists of armour and helmets and is the most authentic product line we offer. Legacy moulds from the 1976 film 'A New Hope' are used to create replicas that are the truest representation of the of the on-screen characters we produced for the original movie. We've gone to extreme lengths to ensure the details are accurate, consequently these characters are hand made by Andrew Ainsworth and his team. 


[ Battle Spec. ]

The Battle Spec. range is specific to the stormtrooper character and has been developed for active costuming, as a result modified moulds have been used to ensure a better fit to the body. Durable, light-weight materials are used to allow movement and flex required for dynamic trooping. A fine-satin, scuff resistant surface finish allows for this range to be maintained and worn repeatedly. 


[ Standard ]

The Standard range features a modified stormtrooper helmet similar to the Battle Spec. but with a gloss finish to more accurately represent the on-screen helmets seen in 'A New Hope'. 



All of our products can be purchased separately, however we've put a a few classic combinations together for you and sell them as packages!