Revenge of the Pink Panther


Revenge of the Pink Panther

Peter Sellers in the Sellers/Edwards production at Shepperton Studios.

Blake Edwards had the offices next door to Andrew`s workshop at building No 11, and without exception, this outfit was the funniest and professional production company we ever encountered.


This stupid parrot would not stand up straight no matter how hard we tried, but on the shoulder of Peter Sellers, who cares…..


The `Silver Hornet`

Andrew was experienced in making his own cars since leaving Art School, but the `Silver Hornet` was something else….. it had to explode.!

Andrew made two of these cars for the production, based on a Citroen 2CV.

With lashings of Polyurethane foam and fibreglass, the Silver Hornet ran as normal with a very snazzy paint job.


`Step into my Limousine`

This scene shows inspector Clueso offering a ride in the Silver Hornet to his lady love.

Obviously he is proud of his wonderful automobile.


Alas ! the Hornet became irritated and ejected its bonnet,mud guards and very fine rear wings….

So that was one model gone……


The finale` of the Hornet

The second model had an even more dramatic end.

Whilst speeding through the streets of Paris the `Hornet` generated so much anguish that it really threw a wobbly.

The bonnet flew off ,the `Bat` wings hit the deck and even the roof ejected itself…


working with Blake Edwards and Peter Sellers was a real treat, in fact you couldn`t really call it work.

However….you should have seen the mess left in our workshop.

Happy days.